Friday, March 2, 2012

Good start on the list!

And here's the pictures to prove it!  :)

 Well, this isn't done and I still have to cut out the white background fabric, but here is the start of 3 more swoon blocks!

This is my asterisk block!  Started off at 8" and ended up being 7.5" big.  I like it and don't think it's too bad for a first block!

Love this block. Like bright

Not my favorite, but hey, it works!

Green is always good....

 As is blue!

And brown is not a bad thing either.  But this brown is dark and yummy and in the picture it doesn't look yummy!

More green!

And I LOVE this block.  I love the batik with the leaves on it, and that orange just really makes it bright and cheerful for me.  :) 

This is quilt one all finished

And this is quilt two all done.

Well, the tops are done anyhow, I'll let my Mennonite friends decide how to finish them off! 

Thanks to Diane at.  Random Thoughts do or "Di" there are two pretty guy lap quilts to go to the Tucson Dialysis Center.  :)  That makes me happy!

Ok, time for something to munch on, I'm still craving carbs from last weekend!  So I'm going to have to do some digging in this house to find carbs.  :)

Have a great Friday,  God Bless, Anne

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