Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Morning, it's FRIDAY!

Fridays are good days!
I have a TON of work to do today.  And I've set big goals for myself.
BEFORE the end of this weekend here's what I want to have accomplished. 

1. Finish the blocks for both dialysis quilts
2. Sew both dialysis quilts together
3. Make the 2 or 3 swoon blocks that I must make to finish up the third swoon.
4. Put together 1 swoon, so I can donate it to the Mennonite quilting
5. Make and ship 3 orders that must go out on Monday morning.
6. Make more of the asterisk quilt blocks.  And post the picture here of the one I made last night.

And that doesn't include household chores and laundry and such!

Alrighty then, that's a big list and time is slipping away!  Gotta feed the dogs and then get busy!
Have a great Friday and I promise some pictures before bedtime!

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