Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good Morning...

Yesterday I got nothing done, nada, ziltch, zippo, not one stitch.  I had all the best intentions of sewing, but it didn't happen.  I got out of bed sick.  I never get really sick, but yesterday I was sick.  I was sneezing and snotting and coughing, head achey and aching body.  Ick.  My nose was such a mess that when I blew it, air came out my tear ducts in my left eye.... and YES, that can happen (google it if you don't believe me!) and boy oh boy does it feel weird.  :)  So I fed the dogs in the morning and went back to bed for most of the day! Finally ate last night, chicken, meat was good.
Today I feel like I might live!  I got up pretty early for me, about 7:30 and jumped into the shower and wow, did that feel heavenly! I made extra strong coffee and have downed about half of my first cup.  I feel "almost" human again!  My nose is still on the blink, snotting, and I can't smell much of anything, but the headache is almost gone!

So, my plans are to feed the dogs and then maybe make a swoon or two and I have to work on some collar orders.  And, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be squeezing in a nap about early afternoon. 

 Some friends of mine had a new baby early this morning.... Welcome to the world Caitlin!  Congrats to Heather and Ken! Caitlin is 8#14  that's a big girl!  Isn't this just the best new family portrait?  I'm so happy for them!

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