Friday, February 3, 2012

Last night as I was sewing my swoon block, or actually when I was ironing my swoon block... and with all those points in it, it can get a little bulky at times...  anyhow, while I was ironing I thought of the perfect match. A perfect match for a husband and a quilter.  I think I want to marry a dry cleaner.  Why?  Because in their establishments they have those wonderful huge pressers/irons.  And can you imagine how EASY it would be to iron a block with lots of bulky points in one of those huge pressers???? It would be fantastic.  :)   So all unmarried 50something dry cleaners, give me a yell, I want to marry you! (but only if you'll let me go in an press my quilt blocks on your big old presser iron)
I was rolling up the selvages that I got last Wednesday when I quilted with the Mennonites.  It occurred to me that a LOT of people don't understand selvages. It's not only the little "tape" looking piece at the very end that is part of the selvage, but the 1/2 inch or so below where all the little perforated dots are as well.
Didn't most of us gals take some form of home economics in school?  I learned there to cut off selvages. But recently I repaired a quilt in which the quilter/sewist used all the selvages.  Anyhow, I was just thinking about that and wanted to express my thoughts on selvages!!!! 
And speaking of Home Ec, how on earth did we ever learn to sew in just 3 -1 hour sessions a week?  We'd get to class get our stuff out and barely have time to do a few seams before it was time to clean up.  But yet, that's where I learned to make garments (and to cook too, but that was another semester!) and in the 3 years of Home Ec I took, I learned a ton of things and made all my own clothes from the time I hit 7th grade until I graduated from High school.  Can you imagine what I would have learned if my Mom has been a sewist?
When I was barely old enough to use the knee pedal on my mom's sewing machine I started sewing.  I always loved that machine.   I didn't bring it with me to Arizona and regret that, wish I'd have found some place to tuck it in.  Oh well.
I have already begun cleaning my stove this morning, top and insides!  And hope to get it all done and my kitchen scrubbed and put back together by bed time.  And I also hope to make 2 swoon blocks and cut out 3 or 4 more!  Using up more of that fabric I've been accumulating!  Life is good right now and I'm enjoying the heck out of it!  Have a great day..   Anne

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