Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm officially exhausted, and it's not even 4pm!

I have been busy today.  I cleaned my stove, pulled all the burners thingies off and scrubbed, lifted up the top and scrubbed.  Climbed into the darn thing and scrubbed!  It's clean.  Got my toaster oven cleaned and my latte machine done as well.  Need to clean the outside of the fridge and the freezer and then scrub the floor (tomorrow!) and clean off the island and then figure out where to put everything that I don't currently use, but will some day! Got 2 loads of laundry done and folded the one that was in the dryer from last week, hey, I didn't need those sheets yet, and the one from today.  Put that stuff away.  Went to see my neighbor who isn't feeling too hot.  And on top of that, I made one swoon block, and cut out and made a second one!  I've been busy!
And here's pictures of the swoon block for your viewing!

I really like this one, it's pretty light and airy!  This picture actually makes it look darker than it is.  :) 

And this is like the one last night only this one is made right!  I like it for a dark block! 

And now, I'm going to take a break, grab a cold water and go read a book for an hour!  Then I'll be folding more laundry and feeding the dogs and eventually feeding me.  :)  Have a great evening.  Anne

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