Monday, February 20, 2012

And it's Monday!

Another swoon block finished, not sure if I like it or not!  And before I get to that pictures, here's a picture of some fabric that I won!!
It was an Ugly fabric give away.   And to enter we had to say what we'd do with the fabric.  I said that I'd make a lap quilt for a gentleman that is at the dialysis unit in Tucson.  The Mennonites (the very ones who I quilt with every month) make lap quilts for dialysis patients.  They usually have plenty of fabrics with flowers for the females and plenty of other feminine looking fabrics, but these fabrics will be GREAT for a Man's quilt!  Diane was kind enough to pick me.  Random Thoughts do or "Di"  Have a look at her blog, I happen to think she's a great gal! :) 
Pictures of the fabrics that Diane thinks are UGLY! 

I think these are great fabrics.  Most are batik and very nice ones as well.  There is one fold that has flowers on it, the lower one to the left, and I will do something else with that one.  AND that teal one, top left, is asking me to keep it!  So the rest of them will go into a quilt for a man.  I have some very similar fabrics if I need to add to them to make the quilt, but I think there will be plenty to make a nice lap quilt.  Maybe even enough to back it!  I Have to pick out a quilt pattern for it, anyone got any good ideas?  I'd love some suggestions!  I will try to get this going so I can take it with me to quilting in April.  I have no delusions that I would get it done for March quilting!

This is the latest swoon!  It's done in a loud flowered print with a pink toile.  I'm not overly fond of toiles, so I'm not even sure where on earth this scrap pieces of toile fabric came from!  Go figure.  So I made it into a swoon.  I had to do a lot of fussy cutting and when I was putting it together I kept having to cut pieces that I just neglected to cut the first time!  And I had to redo the 4 pieces that turn into the corners, I cut the wrong fabric to start those off.  Of all the  swoon blocks I've made (this is #24) this block gave me more fits than the rest of them put together!  See what happens when you try to make an ugly block?  hehehehehe

Must get busy, I've got a ton of laundry to do and need to try to get my sewing room into some kind of order!!  Have a great day!  God Bless,   Anne

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