Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Happy Sunday...

I've been so incredibly busy!  I've been doing some spring housecleaning and my back HURTS!  But hey, the house is looking good!
I have managed to get a few minutes of sewing in most every day, but some days it truly was just a few minutes.
I've made 2 new swoon blocks...

Block 22.  I like this. You probably can't see, but the yellow has little flowers on it with hot pink centers.  I like it, it's loud and bright, just like most of my blocks!

And this is the most subtle block I've made so far.  I don't care for it, but it is what it is, not horrid, but not fabulous either!

I have 3 more blocks cut out and ready to sew. I figure one for me, two for gifts, and if I keep going, then one for a donation for the Mennonites.   That would be 4, and that would be 35 blocks.  I'm already at 23, what's 12 more?  *grin*  This block is VERY addictive.

Gotta run and put some books into the car, they are going to the parish garage sale in Arpil.  I could collect a house full of books if I had the room, I just love to read.   But I don't have the room, so out they go!

Have a great Sunday, God Bless, Anne

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