Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's morning!

And I've been up since 6am!  I have made collars.  Now, after my pot of coffee is done, I plan on finishing my book cover and thinking about the next quilt top I want to make! 

I've been watching movies, YaYa Sisterhood, The Notebook, Steel Magnolias and other chick flicks! 
I also watched a few others last week that were pretty good.

I'm re-reading the J. A. Jance series, the Joanna Bradey series, about a female sheriff in Cochise County, Az.  And since I live in Cochise County, they are very interesting books and seeing the cities and parts of the area where I live in a book is kind of cool!  Ms. Jance was raised in Bisbee, Az and that's where the series is based.  Anyhow, I enjoy them, I have all the books and every year or two I read them all over again.  Check her out, you might enjoy this series or another one of the ones she has.  :)

Ok, coffee is done and I must get back to work!  Later alligator.  :) 

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