Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good evening!

I spent 8 hours yesterday sewing collars and harnesses!  Got a lot accomplished.  I spent over 6 hours today doing the same thing.   I also spent an hour yesterday sewing cotton on my Bernina.  Quilting, sort of, but not really.... :)   So far I've now used 1/4 yard of fabric and am set to use another quarter yard to finish it!  And I used scraps.  A few pictures in a second!  :)
I made a few new collars for my ETSY store and have about 10 of them up now.  Go and check them out!  Send your friends to check them out.  :)

Anyhow here's some pictures of "what" I'm making!

This is my Magnificat.  It's a hand held missal for mass and I take it to church with me for each mass and I also use the prayers in it in the mornings and evenings.  It's a paper back book that comes to me monthly.  I have a "fake" leather cover for it, adn it's boring. BORING I tell you!

So, I decided that I could make a very non-boring cover for my Magnificat.  :)

 So here is the book inside the cover.  Yes, it fits.

And here is the outside of the cover.  It's little and I had a blast doing a quick quilt for it!
The cover itself is from the scraps from my large quilt that I made for my bed (and which is NOT done!)

And so this cover is going to be bound.  I am going to use that ocean blue fabric on the right to bind it in. 

I'll post a picture when I'm done!

And just because I want to post some, here are some pictures of the collars that I've made in the last day or two that are or will soon be available on ETSY. 


Blue and white with just a hint of metallic gold in it.  Lovely collar, gender neutral!

Metallic gold and black.  The trim has a heart motif and is really pretty and not too common.  I have several of these up in different colors. 

Metallic silver and black, another heart motif for Valentine's day!
Love this, black, metallic gold with just a touch of orange!  Lovely collar!

Well, that's how I've been spending my days!
Hope you are having a good week.  Back real soon.  :)  God Bless, Anne


Pinney said...

Love the blue collar and your book cover is beautiful - don't know what you mean that it didn't turn out. I don't know how you churn-out all the collars and quilt squares - it would take me a week to make that much stuff - a very busy sewing week...

Anne said...

Thanks so much! I'm not happy with the cover, but hey, that's me. I think I'll take off the binding and re-do that, then maybe I'll be happier!
You know, when I sew, I'm off into my world and I'm enjoying what I am doing. I am sure my blood pressure drops and my life becomes calm. Yes, I get a little antsy when I have to rip out stitches, or re-do something, but it's a calming activity for me, and I'm not a calm person by nature! But I thank you so much for the compliments! :)