Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another busy day! BUT.... I got to do some quilting!!

Yup, been sewing most of the day until about 4.  Then I had to get a nap in, I was feeling achy and had some chills going on.  But I'm awake now and I do feel better. 
So here's some pictures....

I just randomly put some blocks together and this is the first one.  Love to use those scraps.  I have boxes and boxes full of scraps!

Another random block!  These are all 12.5" to finish out at 12" each. 

A block with the center block that is from a rail fence quilt I made.

Another random block!  I just love sitting down and pulling out scraps and putting them together.  Not quilt like a crazy quilt, but darn near.  :) 

This is a block made from the stripe fabric that I made a quilt top from last recently.  

And these are all some of the collars I made today!  There are 3 more that didn't make this picture. 

I also finished my book cover, and forgot to get a picture, but will do that tomorrow or Friday.  :)

Don't forget that Friday is a FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH.  :)  I'm going to spend a good portion of that day at church, not because I'm superstitious, but just because that's where I have to be that day!  :)
Have a great tomorrow and God Bless.  :)   Anne


sandraspencer said...

I hope you didn't come down with a flu! I sure know how that goes, sometimes you just feel out of sorts for 5 days, but sometimes it knocks your feet out from under you for 2 weeks. I sure don't remember those kinds of colds/flu when I was a kid.

If I ever get a dog, knock wood pretty soon, I am definitely going to have to buy a beautiful collar. Now, is the collar the part that makes the dog "art," or is it the dog that makes the collar "art?" Either way, just beautiful.

Anne said...

It's always the dog that makes the collar special!! Thank you so much for your compliments. I do enjoy making collars, sewing is my thing!!