Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tired day!

Woke up about 2 am and watched my water stop running, it went slower and slower until about 2:15 when it stopped.  It was gurgling, so I think that maybe the well pump froze, vs. my pipes freezing.  You know, I lived in the Cincinnati area for about 48 years of my life and my pipes there froze ONE time.  One time in all those winter sub-0 temps.  Often 20 below outside.  This is the second time this fall/winter I've been without water due to cold, it happened 3 or 4 times last year, and several times in the years before that.  Anyhow, I'm waiting for some warmer weather, I'm tired, already, of the cold weather! Anyhow, I was up for several hours after this, cause when I come full awake, it's darn near impossible for me to go back to sleep right away. 
I went through many of my quilting books and have a stack of them that I'll sell or give away.  Many of them are in "new" condition. None of them are in "bad" condition.  I'll either put them on ETSY, EBAY,  Sew It's For Sale List, or here on my blog.  Need to get them OUT OF THE HOUSE.  Time to cut things DOWN.  :) 
Reading my book now for my book study.  It's on the parables of Jesus.  It's really a great book.
When I'm done with this chapter, I need to practice my guitar.  :)   Have a great day!!  Anne

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