Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ok, got a bit accomplished today!

Made some collars to ship out and made a couple of collars to sell on Etsy. 
While i sewed today I watched the second movie in the Twilight Series, New Moon.  I really REALLY enjoyed this movie.  Can't wait to watch the third one.
Last night I watched my newest movie that arrived yesterday... The Help.  I saw this movie last summer in the theater and came home and pre-ordered it.   Great movie!! 
Here's the collars I made today for Etsy:
This is a Celtic Knot, I have it in many colors.  I made this one in the wrong color and so I had to make one in the right color.  This one has never left the house, so it's brand spanking new!  It's on Etsy .
 I love this trim, I bought just a small amount of it about 10 years ago.  It's not been made for a while.  I had it in a bunch of colors, but I think this one is one of about 2 I have left.  I only had enough to make one collar.
I had about 3 inches of the trim left over when the collar was done.  So I decided to make a tag bag to go with it at no charge to my customer, a Christmas present so to speak. :)   Again, this one is available on Etsy!

I have to feed my dogs now and then I was going to try to clean off the book case and decide which quilt books I should sell.  I just have too many, and if they don't fit on the shelf, the it's time for them to go!

Have a good evening and God Bless.   Anne

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