Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cleaning up my quilting space.....

Ok, I'm not as organized as I would like to be, and I intend to remedy that, starting today and I'm guessing it will take many days! 
This pile of books shows the magazines I have kept and some of my books to the right that are more about technique than actually showing quilting patterns!  
This pile is actual books with patterns on the right and in the front.  The pile in the back on the left are mostly not quilting books, more general sewing and some crochet and knitting books.  And there are more in other parts of the house!!
This box of stuff is under the table where my Bernina lives.  The cardboard box has some books, some patterns in plastic sleeves and some patterns that I've printed off from PDF"s and free patterns online.  
See all the neat stuff in this box!  I love this stuff.  See the bargello heart book, I've yet to use it, and I LOVE Bargello!
 The stuff above is about a million of quilting patterns that come in the plastic sleeves.  I think I've bought way too many of them!!
Ok, so I put up my folding table that I take when I vend.  And this table is FULL of quilting books, sewing books, quilting magazines etc.  Good grief, I'd have to make and finish a quilt every day of my life for the next 40 years to make all these quilts!
Not sure how many folks know Georgia Bonesteel, but she was probably popular in the 80's, and she has some stunning patterns!  I have 2 of her books above, I maybe should do a give away for one of those books...???!!!
And low and behold, there's another book I bought 2 of!  Great book, BIG book.  Maybe I'll have to give one of these away as well.  :) hum... I'm going to think real hard on that one!

I actually hope to organize my fabric.  I have friends who want me to do a watercolor quilt class.  I have to be able to find fabric to do it with!!
Not sure how y'all feel about quilt kits, but one of the reasons I like them so much is that they send you the pattern and exactly the fabric you need to make the quilt, and you don't end up buying 2 or 3 patterns to decide which one you might like best, and you don't have to buy 3 shades of blue fabric to decide with one works best etc. and so forth.  I have TONS of fabric that I have no plans for, it's just packed up in my bins and I have to search through when I want to make something.  So if I stick to kits, I end up with what I need, and only what I need!  To me, it's a win win situation much of the time!  :)

I'm also moving my treadmill away from the quilting area, I thought I might actually dust it off and use it for what it's designed to do, exercise!  Imagine that!!!  Same with my eliptical thing and the bike. 

Ok, I've rested enough, I need to get to work and sew collars so I can work on the sewing room when I'm done!  My camera is charging, I've dang near worn that poor thing out!  The dogs are pacing, so I must let them out.  More later.  :)

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