Monday, December 5, 2011

Cold, it's sooo cold!  It's supposed to go down to 18 degrees tonight and 13 degrees tomorrow night.  Where the heck is the global warming, we sure could use some of that right now. 
The couple of pictures that I tried to snap last night didn't turn out, guess that's not a bad thing since it's probably illegal to take pics at a concert!  
We did have a very interesting and beautiful sunset tonight. 

The one above is of the pasture right behind my house.  I had let the dogs out and decided that the sky looked really interesting and ran and got my camera.

The one above is a hawk just flying around and I got a pretty good shot of him.  Love the birds here, they are so pretty and so graceful.

This is the stronghold, I actually jumped into my truck and drove across the street and down a dirt road to take the rest of these pics, I didn't want the power lines in the way!  The clouds reminded me of a fog machine that entertainers use on stage to make the foggy stuff.  
At a distance, you can see how heavy the clouds were right above the mountains.  The sun behind them turned some of the clouds orange and yellow.  Pretty dramatic.  I just love the sunsets here.

This is one of the last, you can see how the clouds have dissipated. The light was fading and it was getting darker.  If you ever visit Arizona and go to the Bisbee or Tombstone area, you must make a detour and drive our way and go up and see Cochise Stronghold, it's so beautiful and so rich with history.  

Sometimes I look around and think what this area must of looked like to Cochise while he was riding his horse across the desert, how it would have looked without the power lines, without roads and without the trees that people brought out from back east.  It must of been beautiful, a slice of heaven.

Alrighty, I'm going to have a glass of wine and head off to bed.  I have to sew collars tomorrow.
God bless everyone and dream happy dreams tonight.  Anne

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