Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good morning! And yes, it's a good day!

I got a decent nights sleep.  It's still cold, but I have not lost my water today.  It was 20 degrees at 7am.  It's about 10:30 and it's 38 degrees.  I would prefer it be at least 55 by now!  But hey, 38 is better than 18.  Got up early today to go to Mass since it's a holy day of obligation.  Mass was great, we had a big crown.  And it was cold, the heat pump was pumping out cold air! 
Last night for dinner I had frozen (of course, I thawed and heated them) White Castle Cheeseburgers.  I have not had one of these for at least 7 years, probably longer!  White Castle Hamburgers are small and delicious.  Even the ones I bought in the frozen section of my grocery store are delish!  There is no White Castle out here in Arizona, so it's the grocery store ones or nada.  I remember the days of my youth when we'd go out and party hardy and stagger into White Castle at 2am for burgers, those were the days!  It was a nice blast from the past.
Now I have an entire day to do what I want with it.  Shall I get busy and quilt?  Later!

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