Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thank goodness it's Tuesday, and Monday is GONE GONE GONE!

I hate it when days are icky and not much good comes from them.  I try to learn something every day and to be updated on local, national and world goings on.  I try to be an informed person.  I really try to accomplish something good each and every day.  And yesterday that wasn't easy! 
I finished a good book.  I've been reading books by Kathy Reichs, the lady behind the series Bones.  They are really interesting books!  So I've read about 6 of them in the last few weeks and now I want to read the rest of her books. 
I didn't sleep well last night and finally got up about 2 am and got some graph paper and my markers and colored pencils out and started doing some design work.  I can really get into this stuff, spent until about 5:30 am doing that,  have 2 mapped out a bit.  :) Slept well from about 6 to 8. 
I finally went to a friend and borrowed her quilting foot so I could make some progress today on my quilt.  I have pictures, now I have to square of the squares I have and lay them out and see if I need more.  I also have to decide how to place them....

 Here's my pile of squares.  I started out with 6" blocks, figuring that I would square them up at 5"-5.5".  And after looking at them, it appears that the 5.5" is probably where they will land! 
I want to make blocks of 4 blocks, and then square them up.  And then put them all together.  I'm kind of big at squaring things up, it's so much easier to put them all together in the end!
 Now, I just have to figure out how I want them to look when I put them all together. 
This is them with them all facing the same way, all the squares would look apporx. like this.

Another 4 square square.  :) 

Or perhaps I should put each color together in a square, but don't want them to look like I was matching edges, that was NOT my goa.

The orange and yellow all togheter.

Or maybe 3 of one color and one of another.....

Again, 3 of one color and one of another color...

And here's 4 different colors squared up to look like a square...

And again, with them not put together in a large square, just each individual square alone and on it's own. 

And as I look at the pictures (some how easier to see what's they are going to look like than when they are actually in front of me!) I am leaning towards this last one, just each square randomly.....  I'll still do them in sets of 4, but they will not be in a specific pattern. 
Well, I'm going to ponder on this for a while!

I'm also trying to get a web site up and running for my church.  One of the parishioners has a grandson who does web sites and we are emailing back and forth about it.  So that's taking up some of my time.  :)

Oh, by the way, on my pictures above, that's sunlight on the squares!  Blessed sunlight.
But alas, that sunlight is gone and now we have grey skies and clouds and it looks like it might rain. 
I swear, this is not the weather I bargained for when I moved to Arizona. 

Look at those clouds, maybe some blue way back towards the north, but sure nothin blue close by. 
And the sun was so welcomed this morning!

Have a great day and God Bless!  Anne

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