Monday, December 12, 2011

Not quilt so bad...

My new 1/4" quilting foot was only 20$ with free shipping.  I find stuff like this so irritating, I looked everywhere, my guess is that one of my dogs picked it up off my table and took it somewhere.  It won't be hurt, they don't chew or destroy things, they just sometimes cart them off.  I do have one without the guide on the edge, maybe I can dig it out (yes, it's in the bin where I keep my feet!) and try using it.  Though I've not used anything without the guide for years. 

See, it's cold, it's barely above 40 degrees.  

And see, it's raining!  That's my brave Lulu out to do her business.  Yes, she's wearing a muzzle, she loves to indulge in poopsicles, so she's muzzled with a stool cup on the muzzle. 

Out my back yard and into the pasture, no mountains visible back there anywhere!  Gloomy and wet and cold!
 Oh where have the mountains gone?
 One of the squares laid out for my quilt. Thought I'd make it interesting!
 More of the striped material...
 A stack of cut squares, waiting to be sewn together.

The stripe fabric I've cut already.
 This is my "clamp on" Ott light.  I hate this thing!  I love the light it produces, but it doesn't fit anywhere.  Not on my table and it keeps falling off my sewing machine.  And you've heard --- righty tighty and lefty loosey, well, not this thing!  Oh how I wish my big ott light hadn't died, I really miss that light.

Here's the ott light perches on my sewing machine table.

Ok, I'm going to go an grab my book and read for a while.  Hope your day is better than mine!  God bless, Anne

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