Monday, December 12, 2011

I hate Mondays and I hate rain and I hate cold.

There, I feel better.  I hate rain and it's freaking raining outside and it's just a few degrees this side of freezing, so it's freaking cold too.  And, of course, I HATE HATE HATE Mondays. Always have, always will.
I spent several hours ironing fabric and then cutting out squares and then cutting them in half.  I decided to make my striped quilt that I've been buying fat quarters for for the past 5 years.  Ok, got a lot of it cut up and decided to put the squares together that I'd cut out and see how many more I'd need once I squared em up.  Remove sewing foot from machine and damn, no quarter inch foot to be found.  Don't know where it went, but it's gone.  I got the flash light and searched high and low and no quarter inch foot anywhere. So I guess I'll have to invest another 40 bucks into that stoopid Bernina and buy a new foot.  I'd use my Pfaff machine, but I loaned out the quarter inch feet to a friend and she's out of town for the next few weeks.  Damn.  I have to quit loaning stuff out.  I guess I'd better buy new pfaff feet too while I'm at it, I'll never see those other feet. Oh well, guess I'll curl up with my book, I'm getting a nasty headache anyhow.  *sigh*

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