Friday, December 23, 2011

Sn*w? Yes, SN*W.

It's cold today and even though the sun was shining this morning, it didn't last long.  I went to choir practice this morning with sunglasses on and didn't much need them when we were done 1.5 hours later.  Ran to do some errands and by the time I was done, it was sn*wing.  Granted, the sn*w doesn't stick, but hey, it's still cold. 
Just got back from getting my hair trimmed, it's always so pleasant to get that done!  Love Sandy my stylist and she does great things with my hair.  :)
That pretty much sums up my day so far!  I've got hours of practice yet to come today and more tomorrow.  So no sewing for me probably until next Monday.  :)
Have a great Friday and a blessed Christmas eve and Christmas.    Anne

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