Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quiet day for me.  I got a decent nights sleep and got up and was very lazy for a while.  Then I had collars to sew.  But, that's it, no more collars or harnesses until next week, I'm taking at least 5 days off.
Yesterday evening while at the store, I picked up some gum.  A friend gave me a piece of gum at the dance last Friday and I LOVED it.  Love gum?  Yup, gum!

I love this stuff.  Sounds pretty icky maybe to some, but it's really good.  My very favorite is the apple pie, whoda thunk it!  The Mint Chocolate Chip is great too, and the Orange Creme Pop is great and the Strawberry Shortcake is not bad at all!  And the flavor lasts pretty well.  

I do love to take pictures of our beautiful Cochise Stronghold.   This pic if from Wednesday when I was headed up to my friends house.  The clouds are so interesting!  I bet the sunset was great, but I was not here for that one.  :) 

Same Wed. afternoon about 4, the mountains to the left of the Stronghold.  So pretty.  I love my little Pentax camera, I was driving about 55 MPH when I snapped these pictures! 

I've kept myself busy today.  Practicing the music for this weekend and doing laundry.  So that's pretty much what was accomplished.  :)
Hope everyone is ready for Christmas and has a wonderful Friday!  God Bless,   Anne

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