Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to all.

Busy day, practices A LOT and it was worth it.  We played for 30 minutes before mass and then the regular mass and we sounded GREAT!  Really, the choir sounded good And Lissa and I sounded very good!   We all wear so many hats in our church, I got to play usher today and take up the collection and then take it up with the gifts.  I don't mind.  I like being able to help.  And my mood was ever so much better after mass than before mass.  There were white roses and red carnations on the altar in memory of many of our loved ones.  I put up white roses for Jim Steiger, he was my first boy friend, my first love and he's been gone for many years, but I think of him often.  Also white roses for my husband who is deceased and has been for many years.   December is not my favorite month, I was married in December, my husbands birthday was in December and my husband died in December.  So it's a difficult month, even though my husband's been gone for 30 years now.

Ohhhhh I got a present in the mail from a friend in Ontario, Canada.  Actually I won it at a contest on her blog!  Her blog is  Pinney and P'nut and he blog is great and I check it every day!  I won a pouch that she made, and it's wonderful.  It's got a zipper and it's put in so beautifully (have I ever mentioned that I don't do zippers???) and the colors are wonderful.  It's got a winter solstice design and I LOVE IT!  And it smells heavenly!  Thank you so much Lynn, I will treasure it! 

Isn't it cute?  It's BIG too!  I think I shall keep my guitar stuff that I have to take with me when I play in it.  Or makeup, can't decide which!!

A lady in our church made me some slippers!  I love teal, and these are teal!  I have a tiny tiny foot, and she made them tiny!!  I haven't had a pair of slippers for the last 15 years, I can't wait to slip these on in the morning! 

I am going to midnight mass tonight.  I love mass at night.  I will also be going to morning mass tomorrow!  As the sacristan, I have to set up and I really don't mind.  I have to take some pictures tonight, the church looks so festive and pretty. 

Alrighty, so that's it for the moment!  I am going to read until it's time to leave for mass.  I have to make sure I don't fall asleep and miss it. 

Many blessings to everyone.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.  May God Bless you always.  Anne

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