Saturday, December 10, 2011

One of those mornings...

I slept late, until 9am.  I went to bed about 11:30, so I got a lot of sleep.  I got up with a stuffy nose and my eyes just don't want to focus!  I have dropped everything I've touched today.
Went to the dance at Shadow Mountain CC last night.  It was nice, not many folks, but nice.  Jack was bar tending, so that means I got one of his famous Bloody Mary's. He makes the best BM's.  I only had one,  then drank diet coke for the rest of the evening.  My houndies were sure glad to see me last night, and I them.

I got my new shoes from Zappos yesterday, love those Easy Spirit Walking shoes! Also got a pair of Propet hiking boots. All fit well.  If you've never gotten shoes at Zappos, you are missing out!   Zappos. They carry hard to find sizes and widths.  I have a tiny foot but wide, and they carry a ton of shoes that fit me.  One of the snowbirds here wears a 16 or 17 size shoe and he gets his shoes from Zappos too! Great store with free shipping and fabulous prices!

I need to do laundry today and continue working on cleaning up my quilting space!  Have a great day,   Anne

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