Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh good grief, I lied to you!

I promised 30 days of posts and then missed the very next day!  So sorry.  Yesterday was one of those days when every thing I touched turned to poo!  I was tired and grouchy and even my alarm clock went off with an attitude!  Went to Choir practice and then came home and took a nap and read a book.
Today I had a lovely drive to Tucson.  Took a friend with me and the weather couldn't have been better.  I was actually going to look at a poodle mix that was for adoption by a group in Tucson.  Never ever again will I make a 200 mile round trip on someone's "word."  The dog was adopted just as I arrived and so it was a wasted trip.  Stopped at a SVDP (St. Vincent DePaul) store and bought a few books, spent a whopping $1.35.  Stopped at Safeway for chicken, not on sale until tomorrow... good grief!  Then went to get a Wendy's cheeseburger, and darn was that thing good!  So anyhow, won't be looking for a poodle any more.  I sure do miss my boy though, he was such a great dog to walk and snuggle with.  Love my greyhounds, but they are NOT snugglers, too angular and boney, never mind too big!  hehehehe
And speaking of my greyhounds, I had Lulu's picture painted.  Here's a picture of the picture:
Took me 10 years to get a picture of Miss Lulu with her earsies up!  Love that bat eared look, radar ears!  She does that all the time, but I never could aim the camera fast enough.  So I'm tickled with the picture.  :)
Ok, gotta run, many things to accomplish before Mass.  God Bless, Anne

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