Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been a week!

So much has happened!  Thanksgiving day has come and gone and what a day it was.  Good food, good friends, good God, let's eat!  After eating way too much food, I found myself playing pictionary!  What a fun game that was.  We actually didn't have "the" game, we had phrases or movie names that our hostess (with the mostest!) had put to paper.  Then we drew a paper from a pot and then drew the phrase.  FUN FUN and more FUN!  When we were about out of phrases, I helped make up some more.  The two hardest were 1. Jewish Mother and 2. Supercalifragilisticexpealidosis.  Had a blast.  Will post pictures. 
Then I spent about 3 or 4 hours at church on Friday practicing the new mass.  Then on Saturday the new mass happened.  And it went so well.  But I must admit to be very very nervous and ready to hurl... but no breakfast, no lunch and no dinner, no hurl!  Sunday went well too.  So pleased.
Monday evening I went to a viewing and then a rosary.  My precious Mennonite friends sang at this viewing, even though the deceased wasn't Mennonite and the Mennonites aren't Catholic.  It was so beautiful, many can those folks sing.  Then on Tuesday was the funeral.  I arrived early to set up Mass. The mass went well, Fr. Stein from another parish was the main celebrant and he's a really good guy.  But, hey, I still like Fr. Manolo best.  :)
Then yesterday I was just worn out and too lazy to do much of anything.  And today I had to sew collars and such all day.
I've watched some great movies!
I watched Delorus Claibourn for the first time the other day.  GREAT movie.  But then I really like Kathy Bates a lot. I can't believe I have not seen this before.  Good movie.  "Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hold onto."  What a great quote!
Speed.  Another movie that is just fun to watch!
Sister Act.  I love this movie.  I've seen it several times before.  Just a fun movie.
And today while sewing I watched "Twilight."  I really enjoyed it.  I didn't think I would.  I bought the first 3 movies on sale on Monday at and they arrived VERY FAST!  Anyhow, I'm now looking forward to the second movie, bought that one too.

Oh, Pictures for you!

Thanksgiving wasn't too cold, but it was pretty gloomy.  A picture of the stronghold on Thanksgiving day.  

The hostess and host of Thanksgiving, Debbie and Roy.  They have a lovely home and were so gracious and such great hosts!
Roy and Debbie are snowbirds from Maine.  Lovely folks.
 The wonderful dinner before we all dug in! 

Gal in the middle is Laura and her Mom Shirley is on the right and her dear hubby is on the left, but darned if I can remember his name!
Laura and her DH live here, but her Mom is a snowbird!

Joe and Claudette.  From Maine, snowbirds. 

Diane!  Diane is from Oregon and her hubby was not here for Thanksgiving.  Diane is a long term snowbird, meaning she's here for LONG winters!  

Does that food not look good?  My plate, filled me up and over the top!  YUMMY food!   I didn't get a picture of dessert, it was a New York Style Cheesecake with chocolate and caramel and lots of fattening stuff and VERY VERY yummy!  Oh, and Laura's hubby made it!

After we ate, not a lot left!  Wonderful food, good friends and what more can one ask for?

Friday night our dance was at the Country Club.  This gal, whose name I cannot remember is one of the lively folks there. 

 This is the hubby of the gal above.  Cannot remember names, please forgive!  But they had a great time!

Sandy (gal who cuts my hair) and her DH Fina.  

Cindy, one of the Shady Ladies who helps out at the club and is a really good dancer!  Her hubby Jack, bar tends at the CC.  Jack makes WONDERFUL Bloody Mary's! 

Dancers out on the floor.  Ron and Crystal on the left, Debbie and Roy in the center and Fino and Cindy on the right.  Notice that all of the guys dance with all of the gals and that's just the way it is! 
And above, is our church all in purple for Advent.  Pretty!

And that was my week.  I did not get any quilting done at all.  The only time I was in my quilting area was today when I was ironing the altar clothes for church!  Not a stich done for quilting.  Darn.  

I am making a promise right now and right here, I will update this blog every day for the next 30 days!  Promise!!!

Have a blessed Friday!    Anne

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