Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whoops, almost said happy Monday... NOT!

It's a happy Tuesday!  I spent the entire day yesterday working on music and practicing the upcoming mass setting songs and the music for Advent.  I took tools to my music stand, it was wobbling and the part that holds the music kept dumping my folder on the floor and that is NOT a locking folder, so you KNOW what happened to all my music!  So yesterday after tightening up this stand I ordered myself a couple of locking folders and a new hole punch!  The hole punch I have now doesn't have a "thing" on it to catch the little holes it punches and I'm constantly finding the darn things on the carpet!

And my music "part" of the house....

 I should take a picture of that picture above my stand, it's awesome!  But here's my stand.

And the stand with the guitar.  Love that guitar, LOVE it.  

Some of the Mass setting music, we are using the Mass of Wisdom and I just love it.  The music is a pain in the hinnie though!

We use the respond and acclaim for our Psalm responses and for our Gospel Acclamations, it's very nice and it's not so hard with so many chord changes.  I usually yellow in the chords so I don't get lost!

I'm having a busy day today, I am having lunch with a wonderful friend.  I just never get to see her enough.  She's one of my Mennonite friends and we are both so busy.  But anyhow, we are having lunch to celebrate our birthdays!  Then after lunch I go dancing, and I'm looking forward to that!

Meanwhile, I haven't fed the dogs yet, and I must put in at least an hour of practice before I leave for lunch!  I hope everyone has a blessed day!  Anne

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