Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Great day!

Had a good lunch at Taza's.  Sure do with they'd bring back fajitas or some kind of salad, but it was still good.
Then went dancing and I always enjoy that.  Learned a new dance and went over some of the old ones.  To the coffee shop for tea afterwards. 
So since I ate such a big meal at lunch, no need for dinner!
Anyone else noticed that Paypal has once again changed?  I did some shipping labels today and for the life of me couldn't figure out how to turn off the "instructions"  (instructions being how to adhere the shipping label to the package... hello.. I think I know to do that and how to do that) when printing a label.  I can't afford to waste ink on a half of page of print that I don't need.  Paypal keeps my label record on the site, why on earth would I want to print it?  I have made 10 (YES, TEN) calls to Paypal and they have no idea how to fix this or how to send me to a "specialist" who can advise me.  And I've talked to more people in Costa Rica and the Philippines than I can count.  Why can't I talk to someone in the USA?  I mean, people here in our country need jobs and customer resources for paypal are in Costa Rica and The Philippines?  Give me a break.
Well, finally got a human who is nice AND in the USA.  However, all Paypal shipping is now done through Ebay.  And the issue is with Ebay and not Paypal, so I guess I'm gonig to have to use click and ship from now on to do my shipping  What a pain.   And all these years, I've been pro Paypal, now I wish there was another choice. Ok, finally a great gal named Elaine in the USA was able to help me!  Shouldn't have taken 15 phone calls and over an hour and a  half of my time.  Shame on Paypal.  But good on Elaine!  :)

Worked on taking the binding off that quilt.  The entire quilt appears to have a lot of the sewing done with embroidery thread.  The person who made it didn't cut off the selvages and sewed them right into the quilt.  YIKES!  I've never ever done that, and am shocked that she did.

I know that selvages just don't shrink like the rest of the fabric does.  

Two places in the quilt have the selvages sewn right in there.

There are multiple places in the quilt where the binding was sewn on barely catching the fabric of the quilt, and some places where the fabric of the quilt wasn't caught, leaving lots of fraying places. 

I've got the fabric for the borders all washed and dried, just need to iron it and cut it and then sew it on.  I hope to do that tomorrow.  Then while I'm hand sewing it on, I can watch a movie or two! 

When I got home today, UPS had been here!  I got my new binders, or at least 2 of them!  They are pretty cool, and not terribly expensive.  Anyhow here are the teal one and the purple one!  The hot pink one isn't here yet....

Aren't they purty?  
 And because I love her a bunch, here's my Sugar!

And another one of Sug!

And because he was making a racket this morning, here's one of Chichi!

And another one of a silly bird who is showing off!

And that's pretty much where my day has been and how it's gone.  I hope to quilt tomorrow.  I want to accomplish 3 things.  I want to sandwich the pink quilt and get it ready for hand quilting.  I want to put the rest of the borders on the blue and yellow quilt.  And I want to cut and sew on the binding for my friend's quilt.  So I guess I'd best get up in the morning and be ready to sew!! 
Have a good evening and God Bless y'all.  Anne

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