Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh what fun I'm having!

Ok, it's 11am and I have done one of my goals for today!  I have the baby quilt sandwiched, in the frame and several short and small rows done already!  I'm really going to enjoy doing this, it just feels right!
Some pictures of course.....

It's hooped and in the frame!  

I had to pick a color.  I went for the palest pink on the upper end.   It blends well, even with the white.

Several MUST haves to do hand quilting, a needle threader and needle pullers.  Have to round up a thimble I think, though I don't like them and am just a tad awkward with them.

I've finished the top and bottom of the white strip that would be the center of an H, and I've done up and down the right hand of the inside of the white strip on the right.  Figure if I do it right, I should be able to do at least one block every day...  That would mean it would take me about 12 or 14 days to quilt this baby quilt.  We'll see, I may be able to do more.  Then I have to think about binding it, and what color to use.  I am thinking either the hot pink on the back, or the yellow, or maybe a combo of the two of them.  :)

Ok, now I'm off to work on the 9 patch baby quilt.  I need borders for it, should be fairly quick and easy and a lot of fun!!  ;)   Will take pictures and post them in a bit.  :)     Anne


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