Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good day!

It's not 1pm yet and I've accomplished my goal with the 9 patch quilt.  I've put all the borders on it.  I might even get it sandwiched later on today!  Here's a picture....

I like it and it's a good size.  So, the top is DONE!  :) 
I think I'll bind it in either white or yellow.  Probably white looking at it, but I'll hold stuff up to it and decide for good when it's done being quilted.  :)

Ok, on to the next one, ironing the material for the binding and then cutting out the binding and then sewing it onto the quilt.  Yippeee... maybe I'll get that sucker done in the next week, cause it's going to take some time to hand stitch all that binding on.  And I hide my knots and my stitches.  :) 

Have a GREAT day!  Anne


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