Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alrighty then!

I have met all my goals for today.  And it's just now about 4pm. 
I have cut and put on the binding for my friends quilt.  Haven't hand sewn it down yet, but I will.  :)  I put it on, then went back and zig zagged it on and then went back and did a bigger zig zag around the quilt.  I probably should have just got the serger out and serged it.  Oh well, it's on and it's not coming off any time soon.   Here's some pics.....

 You can see where I sewed it and then did the small zigzag on it.   I have to trim right there, I had to go over that far to catch the bottom fabric in the stitching.
 Another piece that is zigzagged in...

This is the binding kind of turned back so I could see what it's going to look like.  The old binding was the same as the fabric below the beige here in this pic, so it didn't really show up a lot.

This is part of the front of the quilt. It's a stack and whack quilt and it's pleasant enough with an interesting design that comes from the stacking and whacking!

Another part of the quilt.   When it's all done, I'll get a picture of it outside hanging from the deck or something similar. 
It's pretty, but I can bet that I will never make a stack and whack nor will I choose this color way anytime soon!!

I did have to cut out about 3 inches of stitches.  I use a bladed seam ripper, I just LOVE this thing.  I have 2 others that are similar but not as nice.   My friend Lucy was telling me that when she was a child, her Mom would have her hold the fabric that needed stitches ripped out and her mom would take a razor blade down the stitches.  Makes me REALLY appreciate the seam rippers we have today!

Found my thimbles.  I have all kinds, I'll have to figure out which one will work the best!  :)

Ok, that's it for today.  I'm going to do some hand quilting tonight and then read my book!  I will probably devote an hour or so to practicing my music for Sunday Mass.  Have a great evening!  God Bless,   Anne


Anonymous said...

oh im glad you had all your plans made out today. I love what you do i wish i can sew. beautiful job hun

Anne said...

Thanks Deema, I appreciate your kind words! You can learn to sew and quilt. If you don't have a quilt shop locally, there's always Quilt University online, they have some GREAT classes, from beginner (never quilted before) to advance classes. I've taken a few classes there and LOVED them. :)