Thursday, November 17, 2011

No Title....

Couldn't think of a title for this one, guess it will come to me soon enough!
I forgot all about my book study last night... was about an hour late.  But we had such a great time and I was forgiven for being late.  We had a yummy apple and chicken salad for dinner, it was GOOD, and I got to bring some home for lunch today.  Yippee.  :)
I didn't get the blue one sandwiched, once I remembered book study, I ditched any quilting plans I had for the evening!
The other day a good friend of mine brought me a late birthday gift, the most adorable and meaningful card, and some lotion.  The lotion is 'Japanese Cherry Blossom' and it's from 'Bath and Body Works.'  It smells sooooo yummy that I think I will most likely go through this very quickly!  I tend to go through it quickly in the winter anyhow, but this is pure decadence!
I got some packages yesterday, I bought some more picks for my guitar, and a new capo.  I have a good capo, but it takes 2 hands to put it on or take it off, and when I'm playing at church, sometimes that's really more than I want to spare!  So I bought one that is like a trigger, it takes only one hand to put on or take off.

The lack one is my new one, a bit bigger, but it's so cool!

I LOVE these picks.  I bought a bunch of picks when I first got my guitar.  But these are the best!  I like that it has something on it to grip, it's embarrassing to flip a pick half way across the room!
The music director likes these too, so I got her a bag of them as well.  :)   AND they ARE my favorite color, and honestly, that's why I tried them in the first place!  hehehehe

And my last binder got here from Staples.  I love these things.  They lock, and they have that rubber on them, so they don't slide around on my music stand.  And they are a good size as well, you can use dividers without them sticking out the side.  You can use page protectors as well and they fit right in and don't hang out at all.  And I must say, I love the colors!!  :) This one is hot pink, looks a little purplish here, but it's really not.  

This is the painting I have in my room that I keep taking down so I can hang a quilt on the wall!  It's an original water color and I love the copperish frame!  I love horses too, it just brightens up the room.  I believe it was done by a Tucson artist. 

It's about 9:30 and I have all day to do something!  I think I'm going to work on my baby quilt first.  Then later I'll work at tacking down that binding! 

Have a great and blessed day!    Anne

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