Thursday, November 3, 2011

What a great day!

This morning I got up early and had a great nights sleep!  The dogs were happy, Chichi was happy and I was happy.  Can't beat that start to a day.  :)
I had to be at my friends house by 10 since we were going to Sierra Vista to shop and eat.  She took me out to eat for my birthday.  We went to Chili's.  I'd never been there before I don't think.  Anyhow, I had a wonderful salad and soup.  It was a Caribbean Salad and their wonderful Chicken Enchilada Soup.  Both were great.  But I brought most of my salad home.  I love good food, and had the rest of that food for dinner!
Then we went shopping to Cato's, a place I've never heard of before! They have some really cute clothes.  I got a few foundation (no pictures!!!) articles and a new watch as a birthday gift from my friend.  But you can bet that I'll be back at that store again, a great place! Then Chili's, and then Tuesday Morning... and I LOVE that place! Then to Walmart to get dog food, parrot food, butter and greek yogurt.  Of course, the wild bird seed was in the pet department and of course, the pet bird food was in the garden section... makes perfect sense.... NOT.  Grrrr!!  Ran all over that place, burned off some of that food from Chili's.  :) Anyhow, then we had to go to Lowes and then home.  It was a great day, and I took some pictures for you.  :)

When I went out this morning, these horses were still snoozing in the pasture behind me.  I love these horses, I've got to get some carrots to feed them.  

These are the Whetstone Mountainas, on the way to Sierra Vista on 90.   They are so pretty and regal looking. 

 Same mountains, a little further focus.

The Dragoon Mts from Az90.  Very hazy today for some reason.  We don't have pollution out here, so not sure why so hazy. You can barely see the mountains.  We were headed north on 90. 

The Dragoons from in Benson on I-10.  Not quite so hazy looking.

Some of the rock formations from the Texas Canyon area on I 10.  The rock formations here are absolutely incredible.  You can see rocks together that just look like they should have fallen apart years ago. 

This is a really cool rock formation just after getting onto Dragoon Road. 

This is Dragoon Road, just after taking the Dragoon exit from I-10.   It's the Dragoon Mountains and we were on Dragoon Road heading towards the tiny city of Dragoon.  :)

More of the Dragoon Mts. 

I bought a really cheap set of cruets at Tuesday Morning.  I have never had any before, but since I usually only use Vinegar and sometimes Oil on my salads, I wanted some cruets.  They are small, but I am one!!  They were $2.99.  Can't beat it!

 This is my new watch from my friend.  I love it, it's a go to party kind of watch that I can wear on Friday's to our local dances.  :)   I love it!

I spent most of my money today on the dogs getting them 2 bags of dog food.  I noticed that the price was about 3$ less, but then noticed that the dang bags only have 36 pounds of food instead of 40 pounds of food.  Did not make me happy! 
Ok, I have to haul out of bed at 6 in the morning, and I'm getting sleepy!  Hope everyone has a great Friday!
God Bless, and good night!  Anne

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