Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am still alive!

I had to post tonight or it would have been an entire week without posting!  I have been incredibly busy this week.
Last Friday I had choir practice on Friday morning.  Then Holy Hour and Mass in the evening.  I served for Mass, that was a first and it was really neat.  :)  I hope to do this every Friday evening. 
Then on Friday we had our Fiesta.  I was there all day, then had Mass in the evening and then went to a friends house for drinks!  I will post some pictures. Then on Sunday I had a rotten day and took a long nap.  :) Monday I went to Tucson for the day, shopping and all that good stuff. When I got back that evening, I went to a friends house to see her doggie in costume and to see the kids trick or treating.  I have pictures of the dog too!  Tuesday I went to Mass (Holy Day of Obligation) and then was out of electricity until after noon.  That afternoon I went to line dance class and danced for 2 hours!  Went to the coffee shop for a while after dancing.  Didn't sleep Monday night except for about an hour, and when I went to bed Tuesday night, I slept for 12 hours.  TWELVE delicious hours of sleep!  It's not 9pm on Wed. evening and I am not at all tired.  BUT I have to get up early tomorrow.... yikes! 
Anyhow, here's some pictures!

This is our Priest, Fr. Manolo.  He's a great guy!

Father sang at our Fiesta, some in English and some in Spanish.  He's really talented and has a wonderful voice.

This is Father Manolo's Mother, Rosa Maria.  She's a delightful gal and I really like her.  

This is my friend Sandy H.  Wonderful gal!

This is Teresa (in the hat) and Sandy F. in the red dress.  Sandy is a Shady Lady and she's also the gal who gives me fantabulous hair cuts!  

All the Shady Ladies (and the Shady guy Ron.)  The Shady Ladies line dance and collect money for hospice.

Some of the Shady Ladies just hanging out waiting to dance.  

The Shady Ladies doing what they do so well, dancing!

Sandy F, all dressed up and looking fine!

Sandy and her Dad Joe.  
 More Shady Ladies dancing.

Mo and Bette just talking!

We had some Mexican dancers, they were fabulous and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their dresses!

More Dancing

The gal with the fiddle in her hands is Mary Kay.  The other two gals are her sisters.  They play blue grass music and are really good, and a lot of fun!

I cannot for the life of me remember this guys name, but he's REALLY good and such a nice kid.  He's going to school in Tucson but used to live out here and was good enough to sing for us!  He does a lot of Frank Sinatra songs and does them really well!

If you look closely, you'll see a pinata that the kids are trying to break open!

This is Ron, he's a Shady Lady!!  He's also our line dance teacher.   He has a really cool motorcycle and used to be a marine.  He's married to De who is also one of our line dance teachers and they both are a lot of fun!

I LOVE this dress!  I tried to get that gal to give it to me, but that was a no go! 

This is De and Ron's dog Ebee.   Isn't she just the cutest little thing?  One of my Mennonite friends had to find her a new home and so I asked De and knew in a heart beat that it was a done deal!  They've had Ebee since last spring and love her a whole lot!  As you can see, she's spoiled rotten. 

Ebee loves to pose, though I think she was relieved when De finally took her costume off.  Ebee had a great time greeting the trick or treaters at the door, and the kids loved her as well.  :)

Tonight I went to my friends house for our book study.  We also played a little music, took my guitar with me.  She's got some really cute dogs, I'll have to get some pictures next week when I'm there.

I have cut out a few blocks for a new quilt, but done no sewing.  I've been crazy busy.  I can't think of anything else, though I probably will once I hit that 'publish post' button.
Hope the rest of your week is great!  God Bless, Anne


Pinney said...

Angie says Rello to Ebee! You had a wonderful week, lucky you!

Anne said...

Isn't Ebee cute!! I just love her, she's such a happy dog. :) I have been having a great week. I am so blessed. But hey, you have those chickens and I missed your posts this week, so I have to go and read them now. :)