Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wow, what a busy week it's been!

And I've gotten a lot accomplished!  I have been making collars and harnesses.  I have a few collar pics to start off with....


Isn't this pretty?  I have about enough trim to make 2 or 3 of these, and I'd love to keep one for my Sug who looks fab in teals and aquas and turquoises!  I'll have to have her model it and get a picture of her!  

That time is getting near.  I think I heard that there is like 58 days until Christmas.  Good grief time flies!  Anyhow, there is one dog who will be ready for the holidays and will have snoopy around his neck to boot!

These are tag collars. Two of them have side release buckles on them.  I made two sets of these, the first set were backwards, the white had the buckles on them and that wasn't what the customer ordered!
So I made a second set and made them the way they were ordered.  So now I have 4 extra tag collars.  I'll probably put them up on ETSY  in a month or so.

While I was sewing today, I watched 2.5 movies!  I watched 'All About Steve' which is pretty dumb!  Actually Sandra Bullock got an award for the worst actress in that movie!  Then I watched 'Miss Congeniality 2.' Not too bad, but kind of dumb!  I was able to watch about half of the next movie, 'Infamous.'  Infamous is about Truman Capote.  So far it's very good.  Do you see my theme?  Sandra Bullock movies each of them!  Oh well, at least I didn't watch The Blind Side!  :)

While I was sewing today I was threading my sewing machine needle over and over as I changed threads.  I got to thinking about it's needle threader and how it does work well on that machine but I rarely use it!  The needle threader on my Bernina is horrible, one of the things I've learned to hate about that machine!  So I don't use any of them.  Do y'all other folks really use your needle threaders?   I was just curious!

Wednesday Morning I was up early for daily Mass.  When I let the dogs out, the pasture behind me was full of cows!  Of course, I had to take pictures!

I think I am a frustrated farm gal.  I love these cows!  I enjoy them being in the pasture behind me.  I love listening to them and the fun it is to watch the tiny little calves when they are young... did you ever see a young calf kicking up it's heels?  They really REALLY DO!  It's so cute!

I love the color of this young lady!
 And this guy must have an itch!  He kept turning to his rear.

See, here he goes again!  Or is he a she? 
 This is a nice big boy! 

And here they all are just munching away on the ground cover!

Today when I let the dogs out, there were horses in the pasture! 
Yes, of course I took pictures!

Aren't they pretty?  

This horse kept stopping and looking at me and the dogs.  Then I'd take a picture and he'd move on about 3 feet and then stop and look at me agian!


Love this horse!

And off into the distance from my yard.

Another view from my yard! 

And when I got done looking at the horses and taking pictures and talking too them, I noticed that Mr. and Mrs. Bug were watching me!  Actually there were about 10 couples of bugs on the fence.  I keep finding lots of dead ones, the nights are getting colder and I'm guessing that they won't survive much longer.

And that's how my week's been!  How was your week? 
Have a great weekend, I'm going to have a really busy one, but I'll be sure to take pictures!  God Bless, Anne

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