Monday, October 24, 2011

As I was sewing this morning I picked up my small orange handled scissors and clipped my threads.  Then I picked up my Ginghers and clipped over long pieces of fabric.  When I was learning to quilt, my Mennonite friend told me that her mother's scissors each have one task and that's all that pair of scissors is used for.  That made a lot of sense to me, and I tried to keep the scissors separate.  I have scissors that I cut webbing with and only webbing and those that cut only trims and those that cut only fabric etc. and so forth.  Ginghers are pretty pricey. About 4 years ago I found left handed ginghers on Ebay for about 12$ a pair.  I bought 5 pair.  That's AT LEAST half price, and was at the time.  I still have 2 brand new pair of ginghers that I have never used.   The ones I do use don't seem to be dulling at all.  But soon I will cart them into Tucson and get them sharpened.
Does anyone else use only specific scissors for specific tasks????

I cleaned today and cleaned and did laundry and more laundry and more laundry!  I am wiped out!  I'm calling this my fall cleaning, it is still fall after all!
I took Chichi's cage apart and scrubbed it and dried it.  I moved my armoire from one wall to another, took my tv and slide it up to the armoire from the chest and then put Chichi's cage on the chest of drawers.  I rolled up the old dog bed and trashed it, got out a new dog bed and set it up!  It's on another bed with waterproof pads between, and a pad in the bed of the box.  I have vacuumed my walls and my ceiling in my bedroom.  Cleaned the ceiling fan. washed 2 of the walls in my bedroom.  Dusted everything.  Went and got a shoe bag for all my shoes, and I may need another one.  Had to run to the Dollar Store and get more hangers.  I hang all my shirts, they actually dry on hangers, they've NEVER seen the dryer!  I need more drawers and more closets in this house.  My dryer is running as I type, the 6th and last load in the dryer.  All my blankets and comforters and such are clean.  I stripped the bed, took off the mattress protector and turned and vac'd the mattress and box spring.  Put all that back on and remade the bed.  And now I cannot wait to get into that bed and sleep! 

Chichi hanging out in her cage.... before the great cleaning!

A close up of Chi, she's always moving, hard to get one without blur in it!   Don't you just love his little chicken chest?  Makes me laugh, his head is so beautiful and then there is that naked chest!  Silly bird, wish he'd quit pulling out those feathers!

Chi's cage in it's new "spot" on my chest.  You can see my prayer bench between the chest and the armoire here in this pic.   I think he's a little perplexed about being moved, he's been super active all day. He took a good bath while he was waiting for his cage to be put back together again!  He really is a sweet bird.  When he was being moved around and got nervous today, he ran to me rather than away, that's a big step for him!

The new bed all ready for a sleepy dog.  I couldn't lure Lulu into it earlier, but I bet she lands there tonight when it's time to go to bed!

The TV up on top of the armoire.   I had to put it right next to the chest to move it.  It's a big old heavy thing and I almost dropped it more than once, but I'm am one of those determined people and I was going to get it up there if it killed me, and it darn near did!

Sug took refuge in my laundry room.  He bottom is on some sheets waiting to be washed and her leg is on an a shirt waiting for the washer!  She loves to sleep on my laundry!

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Pinney said...

Oh my gosh Anne! You did a lot and it can't be good for your CT in your wrists! Cutie patootie ChiChi and Girlie Grey (love her bum in the air on the laundry).
I wanted to let you know that I looked up your CT problem and knitting and many people say that the exercises for this problem (the exercises are found on many knitting websites it said) are really good and can possibly allow you to knit. They also recommended gentle knitting (no cotton yarn and no metal needles) and to pace yourself. Anyway, just thought I'd mention it.
You must be pooped from your cleaning but isn't it wonderful to have a squeaky-clean home? I too did the big clean-up today -I'm tired but pleased.
Does ChiChi talk? So sweet...