Monday, October 24, 2011

And it's only noon!

Got a good nights sleep last night.  Got up and grabbed a good cup of coffee and started right in! 
First of all, I put my quilt top together, and here it is.....

I squared up the blocks and it went together really quickly and easily!  I put 3" borders on it, and may whittle them down to 2" or even 1.5" before I finish putting the binding on.  :)
I hope to quilt this myself.  Will take it to a friends house to make it into a sandwich to quilt it and then bring her home and finish her up.  :)   Will have to think about how to quilt it! 

Here's a picture of my ChiChi....

When I took this pic, I thought his cage looked grungy.  So I pulled it down and it's been all cleaned up.  As soon as I finish getting him put back together, I'll take more pics.  He's in a very good mood today, and is waiting as I speak to put his house back to normal! 

And when I moved his cage, I had to vac because I spilled some seed.  Then I realized how much seed he's been tossing.  So moved the dog bed and decided to roll it up and put it in the garbage.  (I have 2 more brand new beds that I am going to pull out!  :)

Then I decided to move furniture so I could vac behind it, then decided to do some laundry.  And so now I'm on load 3!  And still have to put my room back together and want to work on my 9 patch quilt top.   

Hopefully more pictures later!  Have a grand day and may God Bless y'all!   Anne

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Anonymous said...

aww these are gorgeous good luck hun:*