Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good gravey, I am not having the best of days!

Did you ever have one of those days when everything you touch just seems to turn to poo?  Well, I'm having one of those days!

Choir practice yesterday was like that, mass was like that, and the dance last night was like that.  I wish I could just re-do yesterday and obviously today!  If I didn't have to set up for mass today and play, I would go back to bed and not get up until bed time, eat dinner and go back to bed!  Everything I've tried to accomplish I've had to either re-do it or just plain trash it!  ARGH!!!
Today Mass starts at 4pm instead of 5pm.  The older people in the parish don't want to drive in the dark, so we have mass in the middle of the afternoon.  I love my church, but I do dislike the vigil mass being so early in the afternoon, but that's just me, and I"ll get over it.
Hope y'all are having a better day than I am!  God Bless, Anne

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