Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where has this week gone? Can't believe it's Thursday!

Guess what?  I got to turn on my Bernina and did some quilting today... well, not really quilting, I put together some blocks.  And I'm not finished yet, but thought I'd show you what I've done.  :)

A greyhound applique block.  Of course, I love the teals and ocean colors.  

Another greyhound block, and another applique block.  I really like this one for some reason, probably cause I like the colors.  :) 

I taught a paper piecing class once, and this is a paper pieced block I did as an example. 

This is another paper pieced block I made as an example. 

This is part of the quilt I recently made for myself.  This is the tiny pieces cut off the blocks when I squared the blocks up. Love the colors of course.  :) 

This was a paper pieced log cabin block done in scrappy fashion.  

More scrappy stuff from my big quilt I just put together.

The center of this block is a triangle paper pieced block.  And then I added some whites and off whites and some blue patterned fabric to make it square!  Very odd and unusual looking block.  :)

That's what I've done so far today. I hope to get a bit more finished before evening!

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