Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mennonite Wednesday...

I spent the day quilting with my Mennonite friends.  I really enjoy being with them.  They are such great folks.  One of the gals had a baby a week ago and was there with her new baby, and what a sweetie little Emily is.  What a joy it was to hold her and cuddle with her a little, but also a joy to hand back to her Mom as well.  :)

The lunch menu was Chinese food and, of course, it was great.   I probably ate too much, but you know how good home cooked food is when you don't have to cook it yourself.  One of the gals made a wonderful pumpkin cake with chocolate chips and walnuts in it.... YUMMY! 

When I go to quilting, sometimes I sew stuff together and sometimes I help tie quilts, but today I spent about 6 hours helping to hand quilt a quilt top for a newly married or soon to be married couple.  We just quilted in lines, following the lines on the quilt.  I actually broke a needle, first time that's ever happened to me.
The quilt isn't done, it will take at least one more day for about 4 of us to finish.

One of the little boys who is about 3, looks soooooooooooo much like his Dad, and I said "oh my gosh, he's the spitting image of his father" and the little boy repeated "oh my gosh" and his mom was a bit upset with me.  I didn't realize that the Mennonites don't say gosh, darn, dang, dangit, darnit, jeepers, or any words that would sound like or represent the words: God, Lord and Jesus.  Now, I know that I have had a real sailor's mouth in the past, and still occasionally let out a dang (that really has no ng but a mn at the end!) and occasionally when I'm at home alone, I let out something much worse, or if I'm REALLY passionate or REALLY ANGRY I will say something even worse, usually when I'm alone or with close friends who understand.  But to not be able to say dang or darn or golly gee whiz (that's not acceptable either) is just beyond what my little mind can wrap around!  And I thought I was doing so well..... guess I would never make much of a Mennonite!  These are the Holdemen Mennonites, and the women wear head coverings (though they do NOT really COVER their heads at all) and the men wear beards.  (after baptism)

All in all, it was a wonderful day.  I have some pictures for you.  Mennonites will not pose for pictures and the only ones that they do without protest are passport photos and driver license photos and other licensing photos.  And I would NEVER ever take pics of their faces and publish them, that would be unfair and not very nice.  :)

This is part of the view on my 15 minute drive to the Mennonite Church.  This is simply the high desert in all it's fall beauty.  :)   Not very colorful.  And there are very few indigenous  bushes or trees.  At one time someone told me they wanted to plant only indigenous plants in their  yard, and I thought it wouldn't be so pretty with only mesquite bushes/trees in their yard!

This scene is of two smallish foot hills called The Two Sisters.  Out here you can own the land up to the base of a mountain or foot hill, but most foot hills cannot be owned or built on.

This is the quilt we were working on.  It was very large, and it took me forever to do three lines of hand quilting, even though we were doing "big" stitches.  
 Here is a picture of the Mennonites quilting!

And a picture of two youth being lazy and just sitting around!

This is the magazine for Mennonite women.  I get it every two months.  I love this little magazine.  It's gentle, it's kind and it's wholesome.  I just love it and it's worth the 18 or 20 dollars a year!  

Driving east towards 191 and home! You can just make out Cochise Stronghold in the middle of the mountains in the picture. 

This is one of the Mennonite farms.  The house started off being a single wide trailer and they added on a garage and building that is now 2 stories high. She has a family room that has windows on 3 sides and you can see from one side of the valley to the other, it's got views that are stunning!

This is Cochise Stronghold.  If you have never heard of it, google it, some very interesting history here in these parts!  :)

So, that was my Wednesday.  I love quilting and quilting with the Mennonites is the very best, great fellowship with Christians who truly live what they preach.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and God Bless!    Anne

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