Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Long but fruitful day!

Harnesses, harnesses and more harnesses!  I have made a ton of harnesses today.  They were all lovely colors, but simple.  Some were regular harnesses and some were spook harnesses.  They are all ready to be shipped!

I opened an Etsy store today!  I have some wonderful trims that are quite old and no longer made.  So I made some of them into collars and have them listed on Etsy.   Please go and check them out.  I have 3 of the older trims and one of my regular trims listed.  I promise to have more up by the weekend too.

My Esty Shop

Here's pictures of some of them:

 The trim that is on these collars is so royal looking!  It's got lots of metallic threads, especially the black, gold and silver one.  These collars are truly fit for a King's dog!  My favorite one is probably the purple one!

Spent the day sewing and fielding phone calls.  Seems that life here in the desert is pretty busy and lots of things happening and going on.  We are expecting some of our favorite snow birds to be flying in soon, we look forward to their visits every fall. 

Forgot to add, the movies of the day were:  TADA....  The Blind Side!  and The Notebook.  Nothing new, just some of the favorites!

The weather here is getting better every day!  Today the air went off for the season.  It's been in the low 80's out.  We had 2 big boomers and some spitting of rain earlier.  Sug only spent 3 hours in my closet and decided to come out to eat!  The wind was blowing earlier and I love the wind!  I think I'm going to make myself a little drink and sit on my deck and watch the world go by for a while!  Have a great evening, and a wonderful Wednesday!  God Bless,   Anne

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