Thursday, October 6, 2011

Well, I am glad I got started sewing early.............

cause that's all I got done today.  A friend broke her glasses, and she needed someone to take her to the eye doctor and that involves a 1.5 hour trip each way.  And they dilated her eyes, so I had to drive us after that.  She picked out some glasses, just basic wire rims, and was going to get 2 pair.  Then she was telling me that the eye doc told her she was starting cataracts.  I said "you are telling me that you have the beginning of cataracts and you aren't getting some very good sunglasses?  You live in the desert with 350 days of LOTS of sunshine and you are not getting sunglasses?  And the Doc didn't tell you to wear sunglasses EVERY single time you go out the door?"  It worked, she bought prescription sun glasses.  I don't know why anyone in Arizona would not wear sunglasses any time they are out of doors.  I have for years and many of those years were in Ohio... esp. in the winter when the sun is reflecting off the snow.  PEOPLE, take care of your eyes, they don't do eye ball transplants yet!  :) 
Anyhow, so we went to Olive Garden to eat afterwards and I had to read the menu to her.  The serverj, Tyrone,  was a hoot!  I told him I was dining with a Stevie Wonder wanna be! He showed me something on the menu and it's like... um, let me put my glasses on so I can see it!  The blind leading the blind it was.  We did have a great time and it was funny.  There was one employee in the optical place who had a VERY VERY short dress on (personally, it looked like a top to me!) and every time she bent over, well her bottom was hanging out!  Oh my. 
I drove us home, the dogs were very happy to see me and very hungry! 
I am hoping to get more sewing done tomorrow, so hopefully will have some pictures for you of that.  And I took some really neat pics today of the rock formations in Texas Canyon (in Arizona!) and will try to put some up for you tomorrow.  Right now, I'm heading to bed!  Sleep tight and God Bless,   Anne

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