Friday, October 14, 2011

No quilting yet, but I did get to sew....

I had practice at church today for us who play instruments at mass.  Our director wasn't there today, she was having surgery in the hospital.  Her DH called and told me that she came through it very well and all was as expected and it was all good.  So I am thrilled to hear that.  Anyhow, the violinist and I practiced today for Mass on Saturday evening.  My poor fingers are sore, but I think we got some of the music down pat.  And that's a good thing.
I came home and began sewing dog collars.  Our church is having it's annual fiesta at the end of the month, and I've decided to try to sell some dog collars and leashes and some rosaries and some quilts maybe.  :)  So I had to get busy and make some collars.  More side release than martingale, most folks who have "normal" dogs don't know what a martingale is.
Here's a few pictures:

 Black and grey and white camo.  Side release.  Fun trim.
 This trim doesn't really photograph well.  It's kind of a wheat pattern and it's very metallic gold along with black.   This is a side release.
 Green velvet tag collar.   This is a size small, but it's really pretty, it can be made in any size really.  :)
 Side release, teal and gold.  So pretty!
 And so cute for the little girls, some lady bugs!

And for those really fast dogs, some flames in a side release collar!

I have no clue if I will sell any or not, but hey, I'll give it a shot!

Here's a rosary that I will have there....

This one is made with Swarovski crystal pearls for the Hail Mary's and blue cathedral beads for the Our Fathers.  The Crucifix is a Pardon Crucifix.  It's really a beautiful rosary.  Handmade by me.

This evening a friend and I went out to eat, I took some pictures for y'all!  ;)

This is Margie's Cafe.  It's a very old building and it's pretty plain and it's got good food for the most part!  Margie's has been here forever and will be here for a long time to come probably!  It's usually packed on the weekends, opens early in the AM and now closes at 8pm.
Another shot of Margies.  :)

We have a mine here in town, in fact, the mine is why the town of Pearce was originally started here.  The mine is a gold mine.  And it's been closed for quite a while I believe.

Here's what I found:
"John Pearce, a rancher, struck gold in this vicinity in 1894 and the Commonwealth Mine was begun. The railroad station opened in 1903. For several years Pearce and his wife lived in Tombstone where he was a miner and she managed a boardinghouse. They saved their money and began a ranch in the Sulphur Springs Valley. It was while riding the range that Pearce stopped to rest at the top of a small hill and here he discovered rich ore. Pearce sold out for $250,000. The peak of production at the mine was reached in 1896. However, the mine was worked until 1904 when shaft cave-ins caused a shutdown. With the erection of a cyanide plant in 1905, the mine went back into operation. It is now inactive."
I guess it closed in the 1930's.  But honestly, looking at the mine, it doesn't look that "old"  Anyhow, they have reopened the mine and I guess are getting it ready for production and say that there is a lot more gold left in the mine.

Here's the hill that the mine is in....

We were, of course, locked out of the mine area, but there is work going on here! 

Ok, I wrote this post last evening and then "LOST" it and finally today I was able to "FIND" it!!  So now I'm posting it!
Today I had choir practice this morning.  We are having a wedding at our church tomorrow and the organ player was there wanting to practice at the same time, so we let her practice and we just started a half hour late!  It wasn't too bad.  I have major stage fright playing with other people listening.  Oy!  I sure hope I'm not throwing up tomorrow afternoon before mass, I think I shall just sink through the floor if I mess up too bad! 
Ok, gotta get some things accomplished!  Have a great day!  And God Bless!   Anne

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