Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Run run run run....

Let me see.... Tuesday I spent some time with the music directer from church.  We went over some music that is coming up.  This gal lives in one of the most beautiful homes I have ever been in.  It's HUGE, about 5000 square feet.  They thought of everthing that someone who is retiring or planning to retire soon should think about.  In the basement, there is a 3 car garage and a bathroom (the 4th or 5th bathroom) so her hubby doesn't have to run up the steps if he's working in the garage.  The garage is high enough so they can pull in their mobile homes for him to work on.   AND there's an elevator shaft so that when it's needed, they can put in an elevator if going up and down the steps is too much for them.  They have a wrap around deck around about half the house.  The kitchen is LARGE and to die for if you like to cook!  Here's some pics of the outside of their home...

 The side with the porch.  It goes from the kitchen area all the way to the master bedroom area. Just lovely
 They haven't even started landscaping yet, but this house is so wonderful! The showers are to die for, no curtains, no doors, all walk in and all beautifully tiled with local stone tiles.  I really lust for her showers!  Well, and her kitchen too!
You can kind of see the back of the house here.  It sits up and looks down over the land and the foothills.

This is their view to the north.  One of her hubby's toys off to the left there! 
These are two of the kindest and most caring individuals I have ever known in my life.   They do more for others than most of us even dream about doing.  I love these folks dearly and consider myself lucky to even know them.  :)

We have such gorgeous land out here the views are just stunning. 

Then today I had to get together and work on music again.  I went out for a meatball sandwich after for lunch!  It was yummy!   And then later a friend of mine and I went to church and worked on figuring out which banners, altar covering etc. go into the church for Advent.  Found the Advent wreath.  Picked out some banners and such.  We found things that neither one of us have ever seen displayed in our church before.  All labeled for when to use.  What a shame no one has been using it. 

We had some really nice warm weather today, it got up into the high 80's.  Our weather is wonderful right now, some nights I need a light blanket and some nights I don't.  :) 

Well, that's about it, no quilting for me, maybe by the end of the week?  Keep smiling and God Bless,   Anne

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