Sunday, October 2, 2011

Busy busy busy and busy!

On Wednesday I didn't feel real great, so I took the day off pretty much from everything.  On Thursday I spent much of the day at church training to be sacristan and getting things together with another gal to be part of the Altar Society.  Spent Thurs. evening playing guitar with my friend Ardie.  On Friday I spent a good portion of the day at church as well... choir practice in the AM, then lunch, quick trip home, then benediction and Holy Hour and out to dinner.  On Saturday a friend and I went to Elfrieda to the Fiesta of our mission church, St. Francis.  Then we went out to eat, took a drive up to Cochise Stronghold, then quick trip home, to church for more training for lector and EM. Then Mass.  After mass a bunch of us went out to dinner and had a blast.  Father Manolo and his Mom (she was here visiting from Nogales, Mexico) and myself and Ardie and George and Lissa.  We really had fun.  And of course, we went to Taza's and the food was great.  
Went to bed last night at 8pm and got up at 6am this morning and went to 8:30 am Mass, but had to be there about 7:45 to get the church set up.  It went pretty smoothly today, and that is a good thing.  :)
And I have pictures, many many pictures! 

 This is as we headed into Cochise Stronghold

This is the strong hold from afar

The stronghold as we got closer

and closer

Usually there is very little water.  Occasionally this water is very high and covers the rode well.  Right now it's pretty deep puddles!  

Looking down towards where the water goes when the stream/creek is running!

The other way. 

Another drying stream bed

More water on the road.  I'm surprised at how deep some of these puddles are!

More water covering the road.

Dry creek bed.  Lots of sand.  some of the creek beds had a LOT of new stones and boulders in them.  I'm sure they wash down from the mountains. 

This is the restaurant where we at lunch on Saturday.  Yummy food!

The Restaurant again, Sandy's.
I love that old treadle maching in front of the fireplace, wonder if they'd notice if I stuck it in my purse and took it home?  (just kidding!)

 Father Manola at Taza's after a really REALLY good meal!
 This is Rosa Maria, Father Manolo's Mom.  She's from Nogales, Mexico and such a sweet lady!

This is our Music Director Lissa, she's a hoot, lots of fun to be around and a really lovely gal!

This is George, Lissa's hubby!  He's one of the great guys.  :) 

Lissa and Thay our waitress.  Thay is a hoot and takes really good care of us.  :) 

My friend Ardie.

This is Patsy, the owner of Taza's and the cook of all this great food!

I came home from Mass, and then breakfast at Margies and took a nap.  I'm still tired, ready to go back to bed.  Almost time to feed the dogs.  Hope everyone has a GREAT week!  God bless,    Anne


Pinney said...

Those images are so very different from mine - I can see how they would inspire a very beautiful quilt :-)

I am thinking I would have liked eating at that restaurant too, just not too spicy please!

Anne said...

Yes, we live in very different parts of the world don't we Pinney? I guess that's why I love to look at the pictures you post. Especially the pictures of your chickens! :)