Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Collars, collars and more collars!

Today I made a bunch of collars.  Several I packed up and didn't take pictures of before sealing packages.  And some I remembered to take some pictures!

This trim is antique. It's from the 1940's and is very unique and very art deco.  The gold you see there is really and truly gold, it's more than just metallic threads.  

The first dog to get a collar like these was my Phantom and he absolutely destroyed his collar!  All the blue and white pieces were missing and hanging all over the collar!  This is NOT a collar for a dog who scratches a lot, or for a retired greyhound's first collar when he's just off the track!

And Christmas will be here sooner than you think!  This trim is so cute and I put it on green webbing with a bright green lining.  Cheerful for sure!

 I love the trees on this collar, they are so pretty

And just about a month until Halloween will be here.  I know one dog who will be ready for those trick or treaters in his halloween collar!

As I was making that first collar above, I thought about all the really neat trims I've kind of collected over the  years.  Some are old, some are no longer made and some were very very expensive.  That blue trim above was $20 a yard.  So I got out some of my bits and pieces of trims I've collected over the years.  To the best of my knowledge I can't get any more of any of these, ever.    Here's some pics of just a few...

This is so pretty, it's a very old trim.  The flowers are orange and the background is gold and of course, the leaves are green.  Very cool trim.
1.5" collar from this is in the $34.00 range.  

I love this trim.  It's not a real expensive one, just that I only have a small amount of it.   This is in the $28.00 range.

this is old.  It's about 2" wide and sooo soft and soooo expensive!  A 2" collar from this would be in the $50.00 range.  Most likely a one of a kind collar!
  This is not overly old, or rare, just not made anymore.  I have this in more than red, but not sure where the rest is.  This works best on 1.5" webbing and would be in the $28 range.

This isn't old, but isn't made anymore.  It's a french trim.  And it was pricey.  There are imitations of this trim and I think I may even have several of those.  But this is the REAL deal and a 2" collar made from this would be in the $38.00 range

Not sure if this is REAL old, but it's older.  It's about 2" wide and there's enough for 1 collar.  Stunning trim.  A collar made from this would be in the $50.00 range.  And it would for sure be only one of a very few made from this trim, if another one would even exist!

If anyone wants to see more of my collars, you can go to www.majesticcollars.com or you can email me at anneg@vtc.net if you are interested in any of the trims above.  How's that for a shameless plug for my business?  :)  I make martingale collars (limited choke, no chains involved!), side release collars, tag collars, harnesses, leashes, tag bags and all kinds of doggie goodies.  :)

And so, that's how I spenet my day!  I'm hoping to do some quilting tomorrow.  I have to run to the post office to send a package to Australia and one to Canada.
Ok, now i have to go and print postage and then get some guitar practice in and then get some shut eye!  Good night all, and have a grand Wednesday and God Bless.   Anne


Pinney said...

Well lookee lookee who I found, sorry it took me so long to realize you're a collar maker, quilter and blogger Anne, I'm a bit slow (understatement)...Your collars are beautious! It took me over 2 hours to make one collar - for Shelby. I couldn't get my head around the two loops thing...thank you for adding me to your list and I shall do the same. You shame me with your quilting skills!

Anne said...

Well, now that you've found me, I hope you'll come back often! I try to post something at least 3 times a week, but it doesn't always work that way! :) You are good at pretty much everything you do, you impress the heck out of me! :)