Monday, September 26, 2011

Oy, I think I don't much like Monday anymore.....

Oy!  Had a great weekend, on Friday I went to Choir practice in the morning, then out for lunch, then grocery shopping and then that evening to Holy Hour.  On Saturday went to Mass and then out to eat with friends.  Sunday a friend and I went for a drive, and on the way home we saw a little restaurant called Sandy's Restaurant basically at 191 and 181.  Stopped and WOW, great food, fun people and a great atmosphere.  Tickled pink!  They aren't usually open in the evening, but the Cochise County Fair in Douglas wound up yesterday and so they were hoping to catch some business from those leaving the fair grounds and heading home... most have to go up 191 to get most places.  :) Anyhow, good for us, we had a great dinner for not a great amount of money.  :)
Today started out good, then phone went dead... so I headed into Willcox and spoke with the phone company about my phone, and of course, they had no idea why it wasn't performing it's usual duties, but by the time I got there, it was working again...ARGH!!! 
So headed home and spent the afternoon sewing dog collars.  So for your viewing pleasure, here are some of the collars I made today!  :)

One inch martingale, this is some of the Russian Trim that I have.  This trim was made in Russia in the 80's and bought by a tourist and brought back to the US.  It's a lot different from those we are used to.  But it's very pretty!

Same as the above, only in blue.  

2" martingale collar.

Another 2" martingale collar. 

And a 1.5"  Martingale collar

One more 2" martingale collar

And a 1.5" Martingale collar

1.5" martingale collar

One of the more fun girly trims I have!  A 1.5" martingale collar.   I love turning the "martingale" piece kind of at an upside-down kind of way to alternate the backgrounds.  Makes it more fun!! 

1.5" martingale collar.  I bought this trim for my Phantom before he died. He looked STUNNING in it, his black shiny fur and this beautiful blue and teal color on his neck! 

Most of these collars are heading to Australia! 
I watched Shawshank Redemption  while I made these!  What a great movie that is.  Also watched some of the Blindside again! 

Tomorrow I should be making harnesses and finishing up a collar order.   So I'll be sewing most of the day tomorrow. 
My pain from my 3 days of linoleum pulling up is still hurting, but it's better now than it was!  I guess it's going to take a couple of weeks to totally recover from it.  Never ever again!  :)

Have a great week, and God Bless!  Anne

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