Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally Friday!

I worked at the rectory on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday pulling up linoleum.  I'm still so sore I cannot bend over and pick something up off the floor without moaning!   On Wednesday, Fr. Manolo fixed us lunch.  And what a lunch it was.  Delicious grilled pork chops with asparagus on top.  Apple and sweet potato in a delicious sweet sauce with walnuts.  And bananas with a cream and strawberry sauce on top.  WOW!  Fr. Manolo should be a chef, he's a really good cook. 
Tuesday night I went to Lissa and George's house for BBQ'd ribs.  And a couple (yes, 2) margaritas.  They were really good, actually dinner was really good, I hadn't really eaten all day!  Thanks Lissa and George, it was really good.   :)
My hands are still swollen a tad too and sore.  My carpal tunnel is raging and I'm still so glad I could help with the floor.  The horrible blue tile is gone.  Yipee!  I'll have to take a picture of the ceramic tile when it's laid and grouted, it's going to be awesome!
Yesterday I cut out a few pieces of fabric to start my Metro Link Quilt.  I got about half of the colorful rectangles cut before my right hand went totally numb, so I had to quit.  Hopefully I'll get back to it tomorrow or Sunday!
That's pretty much been my week!
Have a great day!  God Bless,   Anne

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