Sunday, October 16, 2011

 These are from the wedding reception I went to yesterday.
This is the bride and groom.  Yes, she's exceptionally tiny.  :)  Didn't she pick a handsome hubby?  And isn't his bride beautiful? 

The pictures are not in order, please forgive me!

Yes, she uses crutches.  She was born with SpinaBifida.  She is as normal a young woman as I know.  Her Mom didn't let her get away with anything, she did chores and all the same stuff as her brothers and Sisters!  

The one closest to the door is the Mother of the bride and the one with her back to the camera is the sister of the bride. 

These are all the women in the bridal party.  From Great Grandmom to cousins.  They all (with the exception of the gal without the same dress on!!!) used the same material to make their own dresses.  Mennonites are great seamstresses and even though the dresses were made from same pattern, they are all individualized.  Aren't they pretty?  The dresses looked pinker in person.  

This is (from right to left)  Grandma, Dad and Mom of the groom.  Mom and Dad of the bride.
I was sitting at the corner of this table and got to meet the groom's parents and grandma and they are just terrific people.

The bride gives the groom his bite of the beautiful wedding cake.

Bride's Mom and Dad getting some food.

I was so tickled to be invited to the reception, wouldn't have missed it for the world.  The newly weds are a great young couple and I certainly wish them all the very best and happiness.  Plus I told him I'm not a Mennonite and I'd get him but good if he wasn't good to the bride!  :)

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