Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh my, scared me half to death!

When I clicked on my link to my own blog this morning.... there was NO BLOG THERE.   My heart dropped and all I could think of was.... I can never replicate it, it's alllllllllll gone. 
Ok, kept clicking on stuff, logged in to blogger and well, found a page that said there had been suspicious activity in my google account.  Hum....wasn't me.  And then I found I had subscribed to my own blog... nope, didn't do that.  Who on earth would mess around with my blog?  Oh well, got it all straightened out for the moment I guess.   What a great way to start the day... NOT! 

Yesterday and Saturday I did a lot of guitar practicing.  Gotta say that I just don't remember all these chords and I think my fingers shrunk over the years!

On Saturday evening 5 of us went out to eat after mass.  It was really nice.  Fr. Manolo was there even though his back was hurting.  Oh, and he brought me back my tote bag that I'd taken the VCR/DVD player to him in.   So that was all good.  Taza's is where we ate, and the food was great, as usual.  Lissa and George are always fun and Linda was great fun too.   Saw friends Deb and Dave there, haven't seen them for a very long time, it was great to see them..  Didn't get home until almost nine, the dogs HAVE forgiven me for putting their dinner off until 9pm, 

Rained last night, a BUNCH!  Was hoping that the monsoons were just about over.  It was a very nice rain, and today the sun is NOT shining and it's humid as all get out.

Well, that was my exciting weekend.  Be back in a bit, I have some pictures to share!  Not a quilt, but fun none the less.  :)

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