Monday, September 5, 2011

35 years ago....

Happy Labor Day.  But Labor day has more than one meaning to me..  35 years ago, labor day was the 6th of September.  On Sunday September 5th, my hubby and my oldest son and I went on a picnic.  I was almost 8 months pregnant.  My water broke, but not being one to put a damper on picnics (at Huston Woods in Oxford, Ohio) we stayed until dark.  Then we went home, I packed my bags, we dropped my oldest son off at my Mom's house and off to the hospital we went.   Oh fun!   And I watched the Jerry Lewis Telethon, because back then, in the dark ages, there were only 3 stations on TV, and the telethon was the best of the 3.  Boring.  Anyhow, I laid there for hours and hours. Nothing.  But my amniotic fluids were ruptured, so I had to stay.  Boring.  Finally they started a pit drip (pitocin) to start my labor pains... this was Monday at 3pm.  I did not know that my husband had signed permission for my "C Section" and that was scheduled for 5pm. The Doc didn't think I would deliver the baby normally. 
Never underestimate the effect of pit on a pregnant woman.  The nurse checked me at about 3:40 and said "gee, his head is really soft."  Now, gotta tell you, those words struck horror into this laboring Mom.    At 3:345 I said, I'm going to have this baby NOW, I have to push.  They told me to stop, I told them nature was doing it for us.  We flew to the delivery room and at 3:55pm, Matthew David was born, full breech with his little feetsies wrapped around his neck! (no wonder his head was soft!)  On Labor day.  Now, you will never truly understand the name of this holiday unless you too have been in labor on Labor Day!  :)  Here's some pics of me and my son.  :)

Ahha, a calendar from 76, showing that Labor Day was indeed the 6th of September!  :)

 This is a picture of me with my oldest son right before I had Matt.  You can't see my ginormous belly.  I was HUGE with Matt, I had hydramnios, which is way way too much amniotic fluid.  Matt had a huge swimming pool whilst he was in utero.

This is my sweet Matthew.  He wasn't too wrinkled looking here, but when he was born, he was skinny and wrinkled and looked more like a prune than a baby!  Gosh, I gotta tell you, he was the BEST baby in the whole world!

This was my Matt in kindergarten.  My sweetie!

And this was Matt about 10 years ago.  Hey, he still has some hair there!  :)
Matt has always said that he was born telling the world to kiss his arse, and I guess he was!  :) 

So happy Birthday Matt, I love you bunches and bunches!  Happy Labor day everyone, enjoy the holiday!  :)

God Bless and Quilt happy!  Anne

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