Friday, September 2, 2011

I got to quilt today, yippee!

I put my quilt top together.  I didn't get the binding even cut, but there's tomorrow to do that!  :)
Here's a couple of pictures, I decided to use the fabric Moda Snow for the sashing.

It's way too big to go on my wall, I'm going to have to figure out how on earth to photograph a larger quilt without using my bed!  :)
I love this quilt, and am very very pleased with it so far.
It's going to be plenty wide, but I might put an extra border across the top, when all of them are done, it's just a tad short. Or, I could put another block on the bottom of the quilt... I have more than 7 extra... Hum...

I had a good day.  After quilting for a bit, I got ready and went to Church for a while.  We have adoration every Friday, that's really a very nice way to spend an hour with the Lord.  We have a very small parish, there were only 4 of us at adoration, one of the regulars is on vacation.
I gave Father Manolo the collar and leash for his little Sugar.  He seemed very pleased with them, said his little girl was going to be all dressed up! 
My bird was on the floor of her cage again today making weird sounds and yup, she laid another egg.  Poor baby, she's a single gal and will never raise young, I sure wish she could understand that!  :)
Ok, that's pretty much my day!  Have a great labor day weekend,  God Bless, Anne

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